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Wedding Ceremony Choices

I can play absolutely any music you wish for your wedding ceremony, even if it requires me learning new material (no extra charge for this).  I can learn from sheet music, but can also learn from just listening to a recording, so if you send me some youtube links of what you have in mind, that is fine, and if the sheet music isn’t available, I will still be able to play it!  Please note, there are thousands of “piano versions” of fairly well-known pieces on youtube, (mainly played by teenagers in their bedrooms!) There is no need to send me these as I always work with the original songs/pieces rather than amateur cover versions (unless there is something particular you want from someone’s cover version – i.e. a totally different arrangement to the original song with added melody lines, different chords etc)

For some, choosing music for the wedding ceremony can be quite daunting. That said, here are some ideas for music you could have at your ceremony, starting with more contemporary pop tunes, followed by the more standard classical repertoire.

Please note that if you are having your ceremony in a church, Steve is also a professional organist. Please see THIS PAGE for more information.


Contemporary/Pop Music for Ceremony

Bridal Entrance

You may be concerned about the length of the piece of music you choose for your bridal entrance – this is no problem as I can play it to fit the walk up the aisle exactly, as I can play the music until you reach the alter/front and come to a close at the nearest musical-sounding phrase. This way, I won’t leave you stood there like lemons while I play the whole piece, and also won’t suddenly, abruptly stop!

Music Ideas:


(Samples of all of these are in my music player on the front page of the website)

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars (soft piano version, similar to Jon Schmit piano guys version)
(Together in) Electric Dreams – Human League
Comptine d’un autre ete – Yann Tierson
To Make You Feel My Love – Adele / Bob Dylan
Remember – Air
Always With me – Joe Hisaishi
Dream Dreams Sweet Snow – Tomoko Sasaki
Love Actually Themey

Also, you may want to check out my album of my own compositions as some of the tracks would suit various parts of the ceremony very well (they should do, seeing as I wrote some of them to play at ceremonies after getting really bored having to play Ludovico Einaudi tunes all the time, lovely though they are!) – have a look here:

Please do not feel restricted by these choices, they are just to give you an idea of the “feel” of music you need. Generally, for the entrance it should be something that befits a grand entrance, and not a piece of music that brings the mood down . Remember, this is a happy occasion!

Special meaning is actually the key to the music in a ceremony, and makes it a more personal occasion, so try to think of a piece of music that perhaps you and your other half like – even if it’s something that you wouldn’t have thought would work. For instance, I recently worked out a “ceremony” version of Blink 182’s “First Date”, which was still the same song, but not so manic and it worked brilliantly without being “cheesy” or boring.

Signing of the Register

Songs like:
Bolerish – Ryuchi Sakamoto
If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
Here There and Everywhere – The Beatles
Everywhere You Turn – The Bad Plus

…basically you’d be best off thinking of some nice love songs, but ones that have tuneful melodies. The average time for a register signing is around 10 minutes, and I can get through maybe 3 or 4 tunes in that time. If it takes longer, I can always keep playing other appropriate music to fill in until everyone is ready.

Exit Music

All Of Me – Jon Schmit/Piano Guys
Waterfall – Jon Schmit/Piano Guys
All You Need Is Love – The Beatles
You and Me Song – The Wannadies
It Must Be Love – Madness/Labi Siffre

The exit music is the one that will give your guests a lasting impression of the ceremony, so it’s got to be a good strong tune with a bit of “umph” to it!

Traditional/Classical Wedding Ceremony Music

Here are some ideas for classical pieces – you can find lots by googling “wedding ceremony music” – there are several good websites with lists of popular choices.

Please note, if picking an obscure piece of classical music, it would be a good idea to let me know with as much notice as possible. Learning a pop song usually takes a few minutes, but some classical pieces can be technically very difficult and require lots of practice!

Traditional Bridal Entrance:
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (also works well as exit music)
Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary
Purcell’s Trumpet Tune In D
Bach’s Air on A G String
Handel’s Air from Water Music
Pachelbel’s Canon in D
Handel – Hornpipe from Water Music
Elgar – Nimrod

Signing of the Register: Debussy – Clair da Lune
Satie – Gymnopedies No.2
Delibes – Flower Duet
Shostakovich – Piano Concerto No.2

Exit: Widor’s Toccata
Handel – Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah
Haydn – The Heaven’s Are Telling
Mendelssohn – Wedding March