Wedding Pianist Top Ten Wedding Ceremony Tunes of 2012

Wedding Pianist – Top Ten Wedding Ceremony Tunes of 2012

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Recently, many of the couples I have been playing for have been choosing a lot more diverse and sometimes unique pieces of music for their wedding ceremonies.  I have played a couple of weddings lately where the grooms have actually composed their own pieces of music especially for the day, and I have learned them, and one wedding I was commissioned to write some music for the entrance and exit.

To help prospective clients and couples trying to choose music for their ceremony, I have put together a “Top Ten” list of pieces that I have been asked to play this year, to give you a feel for what other couples have gone for.  I always ask people to try to think “Outside of the wedding box” – i.e. beyond the traditional “Here comes the bride” and “Wedding March” type tunes.  Why choose music that means nothing to you, when you could have a piece of music from a favourite film, or a song that has a special memory for you both?

I can learn any music for you from a film clip or CD/mp3, so why not have a good think about it rather than just going for the usual stuff.

Here is a list of the most popular pieces I have been asked to play this year, and also for what part of the ceremony they were mainly used:

  1. Carter Burwell – Bella’s Lullabye (Entrance music, and also signing of the register)
  2. John Lennon & Paul McCartney – Because (Prelude, Signing)
  3. Ludovic Einaudi – I Giorni (Prelude, Entrance or Signing)
  4. Ludovic Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche (Entrance or Signing)
  5. Ludovic Einaudi – Divenire (Entrance, Signing or Exit)
  6. John Barry – Walkabout Main Title (Entrance)
  7. Hans Zimmer – Gumption (Entrance)
  8. Katie Perry – A Thousand Years (Entrance)
  9. Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder – Together In Electric Dreams (Entrance, Signing)
  10. Ludovic Einaudi – Le Onde (Entrance, Signing or Exit)

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