Wedding Pianist Quiz

Wedding Pianist Quiz featuring TV Themes for Wedding Breakfast | Ice Breaker

Wedding Pianist Quiz Information: If you would like to add an element of fun to your wedding breakfast, I can provide you with a TV themes quiz (past and present, grown up and kids tv), which you can ask your tables to try and name as many of them as possible.  Check out my TV THEME REPERTOIRE PAGE HERE This is a great Ice Breaker, and really livens things up and gets everyone talking. How It Works

 The best man or whoever is in charge on the day, will distribute some paper or a printed question paper – [ download it here: TV THEME QUIZ ]

 It usually works best if your guests work in teams (tables) and one person in each team writes the answers down.  I will then proceed to play a 5 minute medley of TV themes from past and present, and your guests have to write down each one as they hear it.  They have to listen very closely as all of the tunes will run into one another.  The sheets can then be collected in and marked, or get the guests to swap sheets with the table next door.  The best man will be given the answers by me and they can then be read out. I would read the answers myself, but I am usually collapsed in a heap on the floor afterwards, as it is quite a strenuous routine! 🙂 [hint: Please have a coffee ready for me at the end of it!] The winning table can then be presented with whatever prize you want to give (or not.) Here is an example of how the themes will run together: If you are considering some ice breakers or games, these really do work well – it gets everybody talking to each other, and really sets the mood for a great evening ahead! There is no extra charge for adding this to your wedding breakfast if I am already going to be playing anyway. Contact me on 07530 532767 or email  for a quote.