Wedding Pianist Outdoor Performances

Outdoor performances are not a problem – I can either set up underneath a waterproof/weatherproof structure (e.g gazebo, overhanging roof, veranda etc) or if these aren’t available, I can set up from within a building, and I now have a wireless speaker system (which also often eliminates the need to move around several times whilst guests are present) and a remote outdoor PA system for gentle background music to be heard during an outdoor drinks reception.   The keyboard or piano shell can then be set up just inside a doorway (e.g. in a bar or hall with French doors/etc) and everyone will be able to hear the piano at a comfortable level.   The operating ranges (from piano to speaker) of both of these systems are dependent on the layout of the venue, but are generally within 30 – 75 metres.

The outdoor PA system consists of these parts: