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Steve at the launch of his album ‘Rejuvenations’, Bournemouth, November 2014. Photo by Anna Mary Harding.

Steve Christie (BA Mus) is a versatile and talented pianist, multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass, organ, guitar and keyboards) and composer. He has been playing piano professionally for weddings, parties, corporate events and recording sessions throughout the United Kingdom since 1996. From an early age he has had an exceptional ear for music – able to hear a piece of music once and play it back instantly (chords and all) without having to see any sheet music.

He attained Grade 8 piano in the early 1990s, and then a 2:1 Music Degree (specializing in Jazz and Composition) at Southampton University in 1998. Steve has played piano (and organ) for singers, choirs, caberet artistes, church services, in bands, orchestras, pit-bands (for musicals) and solo for many years and has a wealth of experience in the music industry. In 1994/95 he was an assistant/runner at Air Studios in Hampstead, London, working on Orchestral, Soundtrack and Voice recording sessions, as well as Pop acts such as Simply Red, Elton John and Lulu.

While at University, Steve began teaching Music and Music Technology A Level at various Colleges, and also began working as a freelance studio engineer, running his own recording service, which is still active today.

He has written music for documentaries and short films, and has released several albums highlighting his eclectic tastes – Children’s Television Themes From A Parallel Dimension came out in 2003 and has been featured on Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone program on BBC Radio 6. His most recent set of compositions was a suite of Piano pieces entitled ‘Rejuvenations

Here is one of Steve’s own compositions from his forthcoming joint-project with Dolly Dolly entitled ‘Prufrock’:

What can Steve offer for your Wedding or Event?

He can provide support as to the type of music you may be looking for to suit the mood of your occasion, and is able to create the perfect atmosphere to enhance your event, and to “read” the clientelle/audience, enabling the perfect balance of music, soft, smooth, jazz, classical, pop etc.

Owing to his brilliant musical ear and also having perfect pitch, Steve is able to play arrangements of absolutely any piece , even if there is no sheet music available! Better still, he doesn’t charge extra to learn new material! Check his extensive repertoire list HERE Steve is constantly learning new material, so he can play just about anything you require – all styles, from Classic to Contemporary Pop and Rock, Modern Chart, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Classical, Film Soundtracks etc.

If Steve is playing for your Wedding Ceremony, you can specify ANY music you like, even if the sheet music is not available, as he can learn music by ear from mp3s/cds/youtube clips etc. He can play a huge variety of music for Wedding Receptions and knows what types of music/styles work, so you can give a rough idea of what you want, or some specific songs/artists, and basically leave Steve to it, safe in the knowledge that you will get great entertainment which fits the mood of the occasion!


Based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, Steve can be hired as a solo pianist in any destination in mainland UK, including London, Midlands, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Surrey, East Sussex, Devon, Cornwall, and Wales to name but a few, and has a wide experience of hundreds of wedding venues across the country.

Travel expenses are all included in quotes, and he offers free provision of a Yamaha digital piano and high quality BOSE discrete speaker system if the venue has no piano. For an optional extra, you can also hire one of Steve’s custom built piano shells – he has a beautiful portable Baby Grand and an Upright for smaller venues – more good news is that these come at a fraction of the price of hiring a REAL grand piano, and give pretty much the same effect, and your guests would never know it came flatpacked in the boot of a small car! Seeing as they use a Yamaha piano keyboard, there is no extra expense of tuning them either!

Outdoor performances are not a problem – Steve can either set up underneath a waterproof/weatherproof structure (e.g gazebo, overhanging roof, veranda etc) or if these aren’t available, he can set up from within a building and has a wireless speaker system (which also often eliminates the need to move around several times whilst guests are present) and a remote outdoor PA system for gentle background music to be heard during an outdoor drinks reception.   The keyboard or piano shell can then be set up just inside a doorway (e.g. in a bar or hall with French doors/etc) and everyone will be able to hear the piano at a comfortable level.   The operating ranges of both of these systems are dependent on the layout of the venue, but are generally within 30 – 75 metres.
With a lifetime of performing and accompanying under his belt [he has also improvised and composed music for film and TV which rely heavily on timescales!], Steve is also the perfect pianist to hire for your wedding ceremony as he is easily able to time music to fit a bridal entrance exactly “on the fly”. For the preview track you can hear playing a selection of different styles and genres. For some more, longer previews of individual tracks, go to the sound clips page. He can play soft “chilled” music to add just the right touch to an intimate gathering, right up to a more upbeat atmosphere with well-known classic songs, old and new that will have your guests playing “name that tune” – a great ice breaker for times when people are meeting for the first time.
Travelling longer distances is not a problem, and he always aims to arrive at least two hours before he is due to perform, even if it means travelling the day before and stopping off overnight.
He offers very reasonable prices for a top-notch service, and is a true professional from start to finish – check out his client testimonials page. Steve started his working life in London as a club pianist and worked at Air Lyndhurst Studios in Hampstead in the early 1990s, training as a sound engineer, another string to his bow – he still operates a recording studio from his home in the South of England.) He has worked with and for various celebrities over the years, and knows how to put on a good show, and when you hire a musician they need to be able to GET IT RIGHT – very important for your wedding ceremony, or to impress your clients, and with Steve you can rest assured he will deliver 100% on the day!
Steve is also a skilled accompanist, having worked with solo singers, choirs and for musicals, perfect if you perhaps had a singer in mind for your wedding ceremony and needed someone to accompany them.
Give Steve a call on 07530 532767,

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