Session Pianist Hampshire

Session Pianist Hampshire

Session Pianist Hampshire – Available for Session Work either “in person” or via the internet.

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I often work as a Session Pianist for local bands, songwriters and recording studios.  I have my own studio set up, myself and also play piano tracks for a wide range of clientelle.  My most recent jobs have included recording a bespoke medley of music from ‘Frozen’ for a Dressage routine, recording a piece for a Figure Skater, Making music for a music-transcribing program test and a short piece for a major Sports TV network (which was also filmed.)

All of this work involves working out split-second timings, changing keys and tempos, and editing the performances to fit with the instructions I have been given.  My album ‘Rejuvenations‘ features a whole host of piano recordings utilizing different miking techniques, and audio processing using “real” sound – e.g. running a recording through the body/strings of a harpsichord and using a small pickup to capture the vibrations.


I can read music or play by ear, even if you just supply me with a blank canvas, I will fill it withsomething suitable – you just need to give me a rough idea of what you want.  I can work out chords, transcribe from recordings, create arrangements etc.

Prices for studio time start from £40 per hour for “at home” internet recordings, and £150 + travel for an hour for “on site” bookings. For more information please email me at or call 07530 532767

I can record you a piano (or other keyboard) track which I can then send to you via the internet in WAV format, and you can drop it into your own mix.

My colleague DON SHINN – see (ex-Soul Agents, Rod Stewart, Dada, The Echoes etc) is also available to play Hammond Organ or Piano.  If you are familiar with late 60s “R&B” and “Prog”, Don was a leading performer of the time.  His organ playing  on tracks he did (and the destruction of Hammond organs by shaking them!), such as on ‘A Minor Explosion‘ has been cited as a major influence on many musicians, notably Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

As well as acoustic piano sounds, I also have access to a wealth of funky vintage keyboards REAL LIVING, BREATHING ONES, not just sampled ones… including:

Single Manual Harpsichord (built in 1942 – sounds gorgeous! Has 2 8 foot registers and a buff/lute stop)

Hammond C3 Tonewheel Organ + Leslie 147 + 2 x PR40s (very loud!)

Hammond M102 Tonewheel + Leslie 122

Philips Philicorda GM 751 – Gorgeous Valve Organ

Gem Jumbo 61 – Nasty Italian Monster with High Distortion, Grunge kind of feel

Clavioline Concert (1953)

Jennings Univox (1954)

Yamaha Electone Organ (1978 – the one like Jerry Dammers of the Specials used to play!)

Tack Piano (Rogers Piano with a Mandolin Rail – Think ‘The Good life’, ‘George and Mildred’ etc)

Hohner L Clavinet (1968)

Lowrey TLO-R (Mid 1960s)

Wurlitzer 700 Electric Piano (1959 – Valve)

Various Single, Dual and Triple Manual Church Organs – many are Mid to Late Victorian.  Use of these is restricted, and would involve extra fees for the hire of the church/venue.