Humanist Pagan Wiccan Wedding Musician

Humanist Pagan Wiccan Wedding Musician

Humanist Pagan Wiccan Wedding musician available for ceremonies in and around the New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Somerset and Sussex

Humanist Pagan Wiccan Wedding Musician

For outdoor ceremonies, I have a lovely portable harmonium (which can be played either sofly or fairly loudly) and also a battery powered pipe organ which uses a deck of vintage Victorian organ pipes!

For indoor ceremonies (or under) I can also provide a digital piano keyboard. As well as piano sounds, the keyboard also has lovely harpsichord and organ sounds. Depending on whether mains power is available at the venue, I can either use a battery powered speaker, or mains powered BOSE system.

I have played for many humanist and pagan ceremonies in places like Glastonbury and  Burley.

I am able to learn any music required for your ceremony, and can play many traditional folk and wiccan songs as well as some of the more new age style music.  I can play music by artists such as Dave and Toni Arthur, Incredible String Band, Maddy Prior and Pentangle, The City Waites, but any other music is fine, old or new, so please ask if you would like something specific.
I can play without sheet music, and am able to work music out from a recording.

Renaissance (madrigal songs etc) and Baroque harpsichord and organ music are also very suitable for this type of event, particularly pieces by J.S.Bach and Domenico Scarlatti.

You may also be interested in some of my own compositions –

I also have guitarists and singers available.

Please email me at  or call 07530 532767 for more information or a quote.


Wedding Pianist Musicals

Musicals, Film Songs and Shows

My repertoire of Show songs etc. is extensive, having been playing for musicals (in orchestra pit) and accompanying singers for many years.

Here are some of the musicals and musical films that my repertoire covers:

Annie – ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Herbert Hoover’, ‘Little Girls’, ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’, ‘Maybe’

Disney Films – including ‘Frozen’, ‘Aladdin’ etc. Songs like ‘Let It Go’, ‘Love is an Open Door’, ‘Whole New World’, ‘Part of Your World’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ etc.

Phantom of the Opera – ‘All I Ask Of You’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Music of the Night’

Les Miserables – ‘Do You Hear the People Sing?’, ‘On My Own’, ‘Castle On A Cloud’, ‘Master of the House’, ‘At The End of the Day’, ‘Bring Him Home’, ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ etc

Evita – ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’, ‘High flying Adored’, ‘Another Suitcase’ etc

Joseph – ‘Any Dream Will Do’, ‘Those Canaan Days’, ‘Jacob and Sons’ etc

Jesus Christ Superstar – ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’ etc

Aspects of Love – ‘Love Changes Everything’

Sweeney Todd – ‘Johanna’ etc

Budgie – ‘There Is Love and There is Love’

Little Shop of Horrors – ‘Suddenly Seymour’

Falsettoland – ‘What More Can I Say’

Secret Garden – ‘In Lily’s Eyes’, ‘Come To My Garden’ etc.

Irving Berlin musicals/songs (see also jazz standards) – ‘Too Darn Hot’ (Kiss Me Kate) etc.

A Chorus Line – ‘One’, ‘Nothing’, ‘What I Did For Love’

Brigadoon – ‘Heather on the Hill’, ‘Come to me Bend to me’, ‘Go Home With Bonnie Jean’ etc

My Fair Lady – ‘Wouldn’t it be Loverly’, ‘Show Me’, ‘I’m Getting Married In The morning’

Oklahoma – ‘Surrey With A Fringe On Top’, ‘Oklahoma’ etc.

Wizard of Oz – ‘Over The Rainbow’, ‘The Jitterbug’, ‘Cyclone Music/Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead’

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – ‘Truly Scrumptious/Doll on a Music Box’, ‘Hushabye Mountain’, ‘Toot Sweets’, ‘You Two’ etc.

Sound of Music – ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Climb Every Mountain’ etc

The Music Man – ‘Marian the Librarian’, ‘Till There Was You’

City of Angels – ‘Double Talk’, ‘What You Don’t Know About Women’, ‘You Can Always Count On Me’

Oliver! – ‘Consider yourself’, ‘Food, Glorious Food’, ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ etc

Honk! – ‘Every Tear A Mother cries’, ‘The Joy of Motherhood’, ‘A Poultry Tale’ etc.

West Side Story – ‘Maria’, ‘One hand One Heart’, ‘Something’s Coming’ etc

Tom Lehrer music e.g. ‘Masochism Tango’

Flanders and Swann e.g. ‘Gnu’, ‘Ill Wind’, ‘Madeira M’dear’

Noel Coward – ‘London Pride’, ‘Matelot’, ‘Parisien Pierrot’, ‘Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Stage’

Miss Saigon – ‘Bui Doi’, ‘I Still Believe’

I know a great deal of these, so please ask if there is something you don’t see.


bespoke piano recording studio

Bespoke Piano Recording Studio


Bespoke Piano Recording Studio – Dodo Studios



At my Bespoke Piano Recording Studio, I have a large range of real pianos, organs, a harpsichord, vintage synths, electric pianos and virtual piano sounds at my fingertips, and when I am not out playing for events, I record music for people.

This involves them sending me a song file – either of something they want “copying” as a piano track, or they might give me free-reign and say “play something to fit this.”  I generally don’t need any sheet music, and do most of this by ear.

My recent recordings have been a piano accompaniment to the Jackson 5 singing “I’ll Be There” and a double Steinway recreation of Carole King’s “(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman”, as well as some classical-based recording ensembles, including a violin, cello and small recorder ensemble for a project I am recording with experimental musician/poet/surrealist Dolly Dolly.  Here is part of a track I did with him a couple of years ago from his album ‘Antimacassar‘, which features my piano track improvised to his words) and a track from my recent solo album ‘Rejuvenations‘ which features a piano recorded through various filters and a dodgy valve amp. Also a recording of ‘Shining Light’ by Ash that I did for someone’s wedding music a while back.

If you would like some keyboards/piano etc recording, please give me a call on 07530 532767 or email me at  to discuss your requirements, and to obtain a quote.


Wedding Pianist Organist St Michael and All Saints Hinton

Wedding Pianist Organist St Michael and All Saints Hinton

Wedding Pianist Organist St Michael and All Saints Hinton


I played for Georgina and Mark’s wedding ceremony (and the drinks reception afterwards) at St Michael and All Saints Church, Hinton on Saturday 26th July 2014.  It’s a fairly small church inside, but the acoustics are great!  I used my portable Yamaha digital piano keyboard and BOSE system.

They didn’t want any hymns, but instead, decided to ask me to play some songs.  They were big Rod Stewart fans, so I played “You’re In My Heart” and “I Was Only Joking” as well as “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane, and a couple of Einaudi pieces and ‘The River Flows In You’ by Yiruma.

It was a great service and the following drinks reception was good fun, despite an unexpected downpour mid-way through.     I ended up playing requests for people, including some Lionel Richie songs and ‘Raspberry Beret’ by Prince!

Wedding Pianist Organist Emmanuel Church Wimbledon

Wedding Pianist Organist Emmanuel Church Wimbledon

Wedding Pianist Organist Emmanuel Church Wimbledon

I was wedding pianist and organist yesterday for Glynn and Laura’s Wedding Ceremony at Emmanuel Church Wimbledon.  The piano there is a beautiful Kawai Baby Grand, and they have a lovely digitally controlled, 3 manual Pipe Organ installed in the church which I also had a lot of fun playing for the pre-ceremony, Bridal Entrance, Hymns and Exit Music.

On piano, I played for the signing of the register and accompanied Sarah, a brilliant singer (a member of the church) who did a great version of ‘How Great Thou Art’.  I then followed this with Clair de Lune and Comptine d’un Autre été by Yann Tierson (from ‘Amelie’).

It was a fantastic service and all the better for the sheer volume of music the couple had chosen.






A new age piano album.

Early in 2014, I put together an album of 22 of my own piano compositions. The styles range from Romantic, Movie Soundtrack, Debussy-esque Classical and Pop piano.

It was recorded mainly at my own Studio (Vintage Keys) although a couple of tracks were recorded “live” at Athelhampton House (all alone, aside from the ghosts, before an event I was booked to play at!)

Much of the music was improvised based on how I felt at the time, although a couple of pieces were written many years ago (e.g. J Alfred Prufrock dates from around 1998) and others were melodies that came to me in dreams, and I have spent years frantically jotting them down in the middle of the night, before I forget them!

I wanted to add some sonic effects to some of the tunes, and did so with ‘Bat Agony Nine’ which has some lovely tape hiss and crackle from a broken tape recorder.   Another track was played through a small speaker installed into my harpsichord and the reverberating strings were recorded (using pickups)

In October 2014 I played some of the tracks live on the Hello Goodbye show on Resonance FM. You can hear the show on this website: – I am in featured in the last 30 or so minutes of the show.

The album is called ‘Rejuvenations’ and is available as a digital download from Bandcamp.



Jazz Trio Hampshire Vocalist Sax Piano Drums

Jazz Trio Hampshire Vocalist Sax Piano Drums

Jazz Trio Hampshire Vocalist Sax Piano Drums

Jazz Trio Hampshire – Louisa Revolta: Vocalist, Sax / Steve Christie: Piano (and Bass) / Joe Pickering: Drums

We can perform as a trio and play just about anything “on the fly”, provided we’ve heard it before.  Some recordings will be available here soon of our current band – we are very busy with work and Louisa and Joe are also in the very popular ‘Spitfire Sisters‘ band, so bear with us – please email  for more information.


Corporate Christmas Party Pianist Hampshire

Corporate Christmas Party Pianist Hampshire

Steve Christie – Corporate Christmas Party Pianist Hampshire


I play for many Christmas Parties and Events during the festive period, and also Christmas-themed Weddings too.   I know all the Carols and traditional music, and most of the famous Christmas pop tunes!    Obviously, Christmas music is a limited field of repertoire, but I can play for around an hour to an hour and a half of Christmas themed music without repeating any material.



I have played for many corporate functions over the years, from networking parties to special product launches, or company anniversaries.  I played at the Hilton in Kensington a few years ago, and used my Grand Piano Shell, and the guests were all convinced I was playing a real Grand piano! The atmosphere at events such as these is crucial, and I am able to “read” the clientelle, and have a good idea with what kind of music works and what doesn’t.  You want something in the background, but music that occasionally provokes the comment “hang on, I know this tune – what is it?” – great for Ice Breaking at Corporate Networking functions.  I tend to find that background ‘cocktail piano’, unless played in a variety of tempos, can make an event arduous and dull, so even with background jazz, I like to keep the tempos mixed and the styles slightly free.



Private parties are always fun, and it’s great playing for family get-togethers. I play for many of these through the year, be it birthdays or anniversaries, and it’s a nice addition to the day.  I usually play for a couple of hours (2 x 1 hour sets) – perhaps as guests are arriving, and then a further set a little later while they have drinks and canapés (…and I sit there playing… drooling on the piano as I don’t get any, unless I am very lucky… hint hint…)

Wedding Pianist Coombe Lodge


Wedding Pianist Coombe Lodge

Steve Christie – Wedding Pianist, Coombe Lodge, 05/07/14

I have played many times at Coombe Lodge, using their beautiful 9 foot Grand Piano, which is special (for me, at least) in that it has two extra notes in the bass end!  This hefty piano has 90 notes instead of the usual 88, so I do ALL IN MY POWER to play them!


I played on Saturday 5th July 2014 for Gareth and Katie’s drinks reception, and as the weather was perfect, everyone was outside, but could still hear the piano from in the hallway.

Sometimes at Coombe Lodge, once the married couple have finished their ceremony, they are shown around to the front of the building (outside the wedding breakfast room), which means that the Grand Piano is quite a way off.  In this case, I usually use a wireless connection to a speaker just inside the door to direct the sound outside, just to give a subtle lift to the sound.  With all the doors open inside, the piano sound does travel very well.


I played a variety of stuff, including Stevie Wonder ‘Summer Soft’, Harry Nilsson ‘Everybody’s Talkin’, and the bride and groom requested ‘500 Miles’ by The Proclaimers!  Works ok on piano, although there’s a limit to how many times round you can play it.  Some songs work very well on piano – mainly ones with strong melodies.  Weirdly enough, one of the most requested pieces is ‘Lady In Red’ by Chris de bURGH (not one of my favourites… in fact, well… the less said the better)  it’s got lots of repeated notes in it, which gives the impression of a woodpecker pecking at the piano keys!

Luckily I didn’t get asked to play that tune.  Generally, for a drinks reception, I play whatever comes into my head, and feels right at the time.  If I see people chatting and happy, then I know I’m doing a good job.

I had a great time anyway, and looked immaculate after combing my hair in the car with a plastic fork.

wedding jokes


Wedding Jokes


As the bride was sitting in her limousine, being driven to the church, she was going through the order of service, so nervous that she might do something wrong.

She remembered she would would walk up the aisle until she reached the alter, and then everyone would sing a hymn.

Nerves were getting the better of her, and when she arrived at the church she was shaking like a leaf.  

All was ok though, as the vicar asked everyone to stand, the organist started the processional music, and as she tried to calm her nerves, she stormed up to her nervous Groom chanting “AISLE!, ALTER!, HYMN!… AISLE!, ALTER!, HYMN!”


Billy and his Mum and Dad were guests at a wedding, and as they sat in Church waiting for the big moment when the Bride would walk in, Billy whispered to his Mum:

“Mum, I don’t feel very well”

“What?” She said.  “You… You’re not going to be sick are you?”

“Yes mum! I think I am! What shall I do?”

She told him to run out of the church quickly, past the church yard and into the car park. He could get some fresh air and if he needed to be sick, he could do it there.

Billy sped off like a boy possessed, down the aisle, and out of the Church.

A few seconds went by, and then his Mum and Dad heard footsteps, and in came Billy looking relieved.

“Did you do as I said?” asked his Mum.

“Well, I was going to go outside, but just as I got to the front door, there was a box and it had a sign on it saying ‘For The Sick'”