Custom Wedding Piano Music mp3 Download Recording

Custom Wedding Piano Music mp3 Download Recording

Custom Wedding Piano Music mp3 Download Recording Service

Steve Christie can Provide Recordings of Any Piece of Music Played on Piano for your Wedding Ceremony or any other event!

Custom Wedding Piano Music mp3 Download Recording

Photograph by Annemarie Schellens – Steve Christie recording bespoke wedding piano pieces at a studio in Romsey, Southampton

If you are looking for an instrumental piano recording of a piece of music but just can’t find it, I am able to play any piece of music, even if there is no sheet music available!  All you need to do is to send me a recording of the original song, or a youtube link (to the original song, not to a dodgy piano version!!) and I can work from that.

I am also able to record completely new (unpublished) music if you are someone you know has written something.  I also write instrumental music for just this purpose, so you may want to listen to a few of my pieces and also to hear the piano sounds I use:

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  1. Trinkets


  3. Bat Agony Nine

    Bat Agony Nine

  5. The Blossoming Of Science

    The Blossoming Of Science

These pieces and others are available on the album 'Rejuvenations'

I can play the music softer and more delicately if required (for instance, playing a Rock song for a Bridal Entrance.)    All you need to do is to specify how you want the piece to sound and I will produce a high quality stereo audio file in any format you wish.

I can produce superb quality Stereo WAV files at 1611 kbps 16 bits, (or more), Lossless Flac, High quality Mp3, Ogg, and all common file types.   Files will be sent via the internet within a few days of receiving payment – at the moment my turnaround time for recordings is between 3 and 5 days.

I have a lifetime’s experience with sound recording, with a diploma in sound engineering from the University of Surrey, and I trained and worked at Air Lyndhurst Studios, Hampstead in the mid-1990s.  Since then I have provided a recording service both locally to me (New Forest area, near Southampton, UK) and on the internet for DVD releases, online media, musicians, singers etc.

I use a combination of real pianos, digital electric pianos, and computer-based VST and Kontakt library piano sounds.  I also have access to various other keyboard instruments (e.g. organs, harpsichords etc) – please see more details here on my sister website Grand Piano Tracks


My studio rate for session work where I am asked to play on a new piece of music, either following your notation/demo or adding an improvised instrumental part is £50 per hour  (working from home and sending track via the internet)

I am willing to travel to a studio if required – prices start at £150 for an hour’s session + travel expenses.  Please email or call 07530 532767  for further details.

Depending on difficulty, and whether or not I need to work out/learn a piece of music, the average recording can take between one and two hours.

 Bulk price deals are available if you want an entire set of pieces recorded – please email or call 07530 532767 for further details.


All payments can be made either by Bank Transfer/BACS or Paypal (2% surcharge).  Payment must be received before the track is recorded.  Any tweaks in tempo/key etc can be made after the recording has been sent, for no extra charge.  Any major changes to the recording (if you didn’t specify exactly what you wanted, or change your mind) which involves having to re-record it in part or full, will be charged at the normal studio rate.


Steve Christie – 07530 532767

All recordings are fully licensed by the PRS