Corporate Christmas Party Pianist Hampshire

Corporate Christmas Party Pianist Hampshire

Steve Christie – Corporate Christmas Party Pianist Hampshire


I play for many Christmas Parties and Events during the festive period, and also Christmas-themed Weddings too.   I know all the Carols and traditional music, and most of the famous Christmas pop tunes!    Obviously, Christmas music is a limited field of repertoire, but I can play for around an hour to an hour and a half of Christmas themed music without repeating any material.



I have played for many corporate functions over the years, from networking parties to special product launches, or company anniversaries.  I played at the Hilton in Kensington a few years ago, and used my Grand Piano Shell, and the guests were all convinced I was playing a real Grand piano! The atmosphere at events such as these is crucial, and I am able to “read” the clientelle, and have a good idea with what kind of music works and what doesn’t.  You want something in the background, but music that occasionally provokes the comment “hang on, I know this tune – what is it?” – great for Ice Breaking at Corporate Networking functions.  I tend to find that background ‘cocktail piano’, unless played in a variety of tempos, can make an event arduous and dull, so even with background jazz, I like to keep the tempos mixed and the styles slightly free.



Private parties are always fun, and it’s great playing for family get-togethers. I play for many of these through the year, be it birthdays or anniversaries, and it’s a nice addition to the day.  I usually play for a couple of hours (2 x 1 hour sets) – perhaps as guests are arriving, and then a further set a little later while they have drinks and canapés (…and I sit there playing… drooling on the piano as I don’t get any, unless I am very lucky… hint hint…)