Beatles themed event Pianist



Beatles Themed Event Pianist – Any Beatles Songs!

Steve Christie has been a lifelong fan of the Fab Four, and through years of listening to their music, he is now able to recreate absolutely ALL of their music on piano, which would be perfect for any occastion. A Beatles Themed Event Pianist would be of great use for a Beatles convention or a party. This even includes some of the more unusual tracks, including ‘I am The Walrus’ from ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, and even their avant-garde track ‘ Revolution 9’!

He can play all of their albums from ‘Please Please Me’ up to their final released album ‘Let it Be’, and does a cracking version of the long medley on ‘Abbey Road’ which features classics such as ‘Golden Slumbers’ and ‘You Never Give me Your Money.’

Solo Beatles music is also not a problem – Steve was possibly more into Paul McCartney and Wings as a child, but he can play many of John Lennon’s, George Harrison’s and Ringo Starr’s songs, even including music from Harrison’s obscure ‘Wonderwall Music’ album, and Ringo’s first album of 40s hits ‘Sentimental Journey’!

George Harrison’s beautiful album boxset ‘All Things Must Pass’ features many songs which sound amazing on piano, including ‘Isn’t A Pity’, ‘Awaiting on you All’ and not to mention, ‘My Sweet Lord.’

John Lennon’s albums ‘Imagine’ and ‘Plastic Ono Band’ similarly feature some amazing songs which sound wonderful played as solo piano pieces. Other tracks that work well are ‘Mind Games’, ‘#9 Dream’, ‘Old Dirt Road’, ‘Instant Karma’, and much of Lennon’s music from ‘Double Fantasy’ and ‘Milk and Honey’, including the brilliant ‘Nobody Told Me.’

Steve can play just about all of McCartney’s output from 1970 until the mid 1990s, plus some other more recent tunes, including ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, ‘C Moon’, ‘My Love’, ‘Live and Let Die’, ‘Jet’, ‘Band on the Run’, ‘Listen To What The Man Said’, ‘Venus and Mars’ (sounds great!), ‘Silly Love Songs’, ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’.


Steve once worked at George Martin’s Air Lyndhurst Studios in Hampstead, and spent many hours in the mornings (before work) playing Beatles music on the studios’ Bechstein pianos.  He can also play most of the music from George Martin’s Yellow Submarine filmscore, and also the post-Beatles music that was released in the 1990s on the famous ‘Anthology’ series. These include ‘Free As A Bird’, ‘Not Guilty’, even the weird and wonderful ‘What’s the New Mary Jane’!

A possible idea you could use for a corporate event is to have your guests request any Beatles music from a list of all of their output, and Steve will be able to amaze them with his ability to play the piano pieces without the need for any music!


For more information, please contact Steve Christie on 07530 532767 or email him at